Underrated Human Arcanist 3


Artificer | Warlord
Home: Silverymoon
Member of the Order of the Golden Duck, LLC

Theodonus (Ted, to most folks) was the up-and-coming apprentice to the third assistant to the Magistrate of Ports of the city of Silverymoon.

Despite the promising future this apprenticeship held, Ted longed for more. When the opportunity arose to join a political caravan en-route to Ravens Bluff, Ted jumped at the opportunity. The City of Adventurers called to him, and he sought to achieve membership in the Knights of the Golden Rooster.

Sadly, he was judged “not quite ready” for membership in that esteemed organization. Instead, he was placed in to the Knights of the Golden Rooster Reserve Corps – the Knights of the Golden Duck.

Ted is currently seeking opportunities to demonstrate to the Knights of the Golden Rooster just how ready he is for full membership.

Trained Skills: Arcana, Heal, History, and Thievery


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