Crystalline Half-elf Psychic Sorcerer (6)


Half Elf (Shardmind)
Chaos Sorcerer
Home: Waterdeep
Member of: The Company of the Winged Horse

Sol is an extremely handsome Waterdhavian half-elf that just happens to be made out of red glass. He swears this is a temporary condition – the result of an adventuring accident involving a glowing red crystal he probably shouldn’t have touched. He’s a charming and smooth scoundrel at his best, or a likeable jerk at his worst. Anyone with a smidge of insight can tell he’s scared out of his mind by this transformation, and he’s overcompensating because of it.

He loves a good foot massage.

Post-transformation, his eyes both glowed a bright yellow. He recently received the favor of a High-Elven spirit, and now his right eye glows a vibrant blue instead.

Solento’s combat specialty is mind-magics. He wields an orb seemingly crafted from the same red stone as his body that seems especially tuned for psychic combat.

Strengths: Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Endurance, Intimidate, Insight (sort-of)


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