Dalan Strongbow


Dalan was born into a small community of Wood Elves residing deep in the forests southeast of Waterdeep. He is a natural archer, and honed his skills with a bow from an early age. He maintains a healthy skepticism of divinity in general – preferring to place his trust in his own skills and what he can physically perceive.

Dalan started on the path to becoming a ranger years ago – on a hunting expedition he helped an experienced ranger, Caldorn Swordwing, defend the forest against a group of poachers from the High Moor. After this incident, Dalan began apprenticing with Caldorn, learning the ways of the forest. Dalan and Caldorn travelled far and wide, sometimes joined by the young Half-Elf sentinel Kassarine Bravetree. On one adventure in particular, the three heroes defended the forest against the plans of Iain Fletcher – a noted hunter from Waterdeep. Though Fletcher’s exploits had gained him the favor of Waterdeep’s nobility, the residents of the Elves knew his true reputation as little more than a common poacher. Only Caldorn’s mercy spared Fletcher, who was warned on pain of death, never to return to the forest.

Caldorn and Dalan continued their partnership for some time, though eventually Kassarine left to return to her studies. One day, while on the trail of a wounded stag, a warband of Orc marauders from High Moor ambushed them. Dalan stood helpless as the leader of the Orc warband leapt screaming from the underbrush, decapitating Caldorn with an axe before either he or the older ranger could react. Dalan fled, and the Orcs escaped with Caldorn’s enchanted sword and armor. Blaming himself for the ambush, Dalan chose to exile himself from his home, swearing to return only after he recovered what had been stolen.

Dalan is most comfortable on his own, stalking game, although he is not as uncomfortable in groups as some rangers. He does prefer to silently observe the doings of others, saving his input for situations when he can make a significant contribution. Dalan’s knowledge derives mostly from his acquired knowledge of nature and the forests – he is a keen observer of many things though he is typically unconcerned with the minutiae of history or the arcane. Because of what happened to Caldorn, Dalan has a deep-seeded hatred of Orcs. In battle he will seek to destroy any Orc he encounters.

Recent Exploits:
Dalan eventually found his way to Elturgard where, much to his displeasure, he has become embroiled in the political machinations of the region.

Dalan Strongbow

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