Arden Wenn

Idealistic Young Swordmage - 10


Arden Wenn
Shielding Swordmage
Home: Waterdeep
Founder of the Company of the Winged Horse

Young, affable, idealistic, and hopelessly naïve, Arden was disowned by his parents (owners and proprietors of Wenn Imports, Ltd, of Waterdeep) when he abandoned his wizardly studies at the School of Magists and Protectors to take up the life of an adventuring swordmage. The world needed heroes, and Arden was ready to answer the call. He hoped.

Arden’s constant companion is Miiri, a muse sprite that lives in his pixie-dusted longsword. This discovery took the young swordmage by a great deal of surprise.

Arden earned the Ire of the Yuir Gods while stumbling through an ancient fey temple. He was also captured and tainted by aboleths and exposed to the essence of Bhaal.

Arden is the current wielder of Faervian, one of the six Eladrin Baneblades.

Strengths: Arcana, Athletics (sort-of), Diplomacy, Endurance, History

Arden has qualified for Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries.

Arden Wenn

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